Congo Natty mixup on my little WeGo

Being a jungle fan since "the early days" I got a bit over-excited when I found out that the Rebel-MC is back, he's calling himself Congo Natty now and he's pumping out new jungle on his label Congo Natty Bass.
Congo Natty also released a complete album (Jungle Revolution) on Big Dada Recordings (Two Fingers!) which is associated with Ninja Tune (say no more). The names gathered on this album are just staggering; Top Cat, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Daddy Freddy to name but a few. Jungle Revolution is everything that made ragga-jungle great and it's mixed (by Adrian Sherwood) and mastered to give it a modern sound. Pants flapping bass included.
I have the tendency to play an album like that over and over again. However, with a controller and some DJ software in the house it's possible (and a lot more fun!) to fool around with the music.
That's what I did. Then I filmed it, pushed some buttons in video editing software and eventually ended up with this video. 
Get Ready (Original Mix) - Daddy Freddy, Rebel MC, Congo Natty, Tenor Fly, Nanci Correia
UK Allstars (Congo Natty Meets Benny Page Mix) - Top Cat, Daddy Freddy, Rebel MC, Congo Natty, Tippa Irie, General Levy, Sweetie Irie, Tenor Fly
Lioness (Vital Elements Remix) - Congo Natty, Lady Chann, La La & the Boo Ya
Jungle is I and I (Congo Natty Meets Vital Elements Mix) - Rebel MC, Congo Natty, Lady Chann
Jungle Souljah (Original Mix) - Rebel MC, Congo Natty, La La, The Boo Yaa
Rebel (Original Mix) - Rebel MC, Congo Natty, 2nice