Moombahton TenMinMix performed on a Pioneer XDJ-R1

An experimental, 8 track Moomahton mix. All tracks, hot cues and beat grids are prepared with Pioneers rekordbox software. The mix is performed on a XDJ-R1 DJ system and accompanying "remotebox" iPad app.
About the use of the sync function:
From a producer's (almost twenty years) point of view the addition of the sync function to DJ gear is nothing other than a logical evolution. After all, the only thing the first sequencers did was synchronising external hardware. Without the possibility to synchronise digital audio and midi, dance music - as we know it - wouldn't even exist.
People tell me it takes away the fun of DJing. Since I never made money with music, fun is one of the biggest motivations that kept me going for all this time. Fun and the urge to be creative without having to follow limiting conventions. I read comments saying you cannot use the sync function if you want to be considered a "real DJ". If being a "real DJ" implies you have to limit your options why would anyone even want to be a "real DJ". I'm very happy just being a music enthusiast with an urge to impose his musical views on Youtube or a dancing crowd every once in a while ;-)
Sync is here to stay. You can be mad or sad about it, you can feel your skills are threatened by it, obligating you to write angry comments on YouTube and Facebook about it or you could just add the feature to your arsenal of tools to use when being creative, having fun and (most important) entertaining your crowd.
Creating this video was the first thing I did with the XDJ-R1 and rekordbox. The mix isn't perfect but it shows a technique that I haven't seen too many DJ's do without the use of the sync function. If you can do a pitch bend on two decks simultaneously in a mix while beat matching manually, I salute you! Me, however, I was never able to do that but now I am... that's "almost" if you noticed the mistake on the second pitch bend ;-)
Gunshot (Jinx In Dub Remix)
Dub Pistols, Rodney P, Darrison
Go West Feat. MC Lowqui
MC Lowqui, Disgraceland
Le Mer
Kish-Mish (TH Moy Moombahton Mix)
Get Up
Bad Robot
Gal Where Yuh Come From feat. Natalie Storm
Beta (Moombahton Mix)
Dickie Riddim feat. Warrior Queen